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Barbara (Larissa Manoela) and Talia (Thati Lopes) decide to exchange in the US. They have no idea of the obstacles and cultural shock. Barbara who always dreamed of visiting NY discovers they'll be living in the Town of Woodstock, NY. Two hours north of New York City. Accustomed to the comforts of her mother's home. Barbara now has to get accustomed to doing household chores and act as a nanny for her sponsor, a stern Sheryll (Kathy-Ann Hart). While Talia who is defiant and free spirited is staying with a patriotic and conservative couple. These two girls befriend Brad (David James), an American flight attendant who loves Brazil and Lucas (Bruno Montaleone), a Brazilian who works at Ski Station. A ski resort not far from Woodstock, NY. Despite difficulties, these friends find love and friendship while living unforgettable moments.

Data de Estréia - 22.07.2021

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Bruno Garotti

Bruno Garotti

Larissa Manoela


Thati Lopes


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